Catalogue: 7. Accessories

  Series: 7. Accessories
In addition to complete products, EMMEGI also supplies a wide range of accessories:
• Adjustable thermostats
• Fixed thermostats
• Thermostatics water valves
• Three-way temperature regulators
• By-pass valves

Regolatore della temperatura
Release 05/09/2011

Thermostat TMS4(thermostat with integrated soft start power motor)
Release 08/03/2011

Thermostat TM4
Release 21/09/2012

Adjustable thermostat TC2 (inside regulation)
Release 08/03/2011

Valvola AVTA

Adjustable Thermostat TC2 L= 1000 mm.
Release 06/09/2011

Adjustable electronic thermo-switch series XT51
Release 30/05/2015

Fixed temperatureTMR4-TMR5switch with integrated power relay

Bimetallic Monocontact Thermo-Switch TM4/P1
Release 06/09/2011

Bimetallic Monocontact Thermo-Switch TM4/XP1

TMS7 Thermostat with speed regulator and with or without reverse rotation program

Bimetallic Mono Contact Thermo-Switch TM46 A1-AT