Catalogue: 8. Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

  Series: 8. Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers
Brazed plate heat exchangers consist of stainless steel
plate packs, which have embossed chevron patterns.
The plates are turned 180°to each other, causing the
plate ridges to intersect, and creating a lattice of
intersecting channels. The fluids can flow in counter-
current or co-current way.
The entire construction is sealed together by the means
of brazing in a special vacuum furmace.
Special corrugation pattems promotes high turbulence flow.
Turbulence dramatically improves heat transfer rates and
reduces the amount of deposits inside the unit.
Advantages of Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers
▪ high heat transfer coefficient ;
▪ small unit size with high heat transfer capacity ;
▪ high resistance to pressure and temperature fluctuations ;
▪ easy installation ;

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