EMMEGI are able to develop different kind of combined cooling solutions, suitable to satisfy different kind of cooling need. Does not matter for which application we are speaking for, we have the solution for everybody in different combinations as below:

  • Gross power to cool down.

We have satisfied cooling need from 40kw to more than 750kw in different latitudes of the world and with extreme ambient temperature between the -20°C to the +50°C!!

  • Fluid combinations.

There are different fluids to cool down in a system where the power came from a diesel engine, so Emmegi can propose single or combined cooler as below:

Water cooler for the jacket of the motor

Oil cooler for hydraulic circuit, gearbox, steering

CAC as intercooler for turbo


So the Customer can choose and the combine each one of this cooler, till to satisfy their need with a single cooler or a combination of they!

  • Layout.

The combinations available are in accordance to the efficiency to reach and the space available so the solutions can be as side-by-side, overlap, vertical and horizontal.

Overlap solution

Vertical side-by-side solution

Horizontal side-by-side solution

Where the presence of the dust, can be a trouble, we can propose the design suitable to avoid clogging the cooler element in short time.

This solution is named Clean Air Fin Design and it is our revolutionary answer to who ask to manage better the problem of the clogging.

Standard Fin Air Design

Clean Air Fin Design

  • Fan driven type.

We can propose the typical solution in front of the engine, where the ordinary fan assembled on the shaft of the engine; blowing the air through the cooler elements. Sometimes the above solution is not enough; in this case, we can propose the fan driven, prepared or with hydraulic motor.

Engine fan driven

Hydraulic fan driven

  • References.
  • We have find out cooling solutions for different engine manufacturers as Cummins, Deutz, Caterpillar, Perkins, John Deere, FPT, Lombardini. Volvo, Scania, Mercedes, Kubota, Isuzu, Mitsubishi…

So if you can send to us the technical data of the engine you need to cool down in combination or not of the hydraulic circuit, we can develop a technical proposal in accordance to the space available and the quantity you need.

Name and Surname

Engine type:
Engine speed:
Engine power:
Heat rejection (Water side):
Water flow rate:
Max water temperature:

Hydraulic power:
Heat rejection (Oil side):
Max oil temperature:
Oil flow rate:
Oil viscosity:
Heat rejection (CAC):
Outlet air temparature:
Max air temperature:
Air flow rate (CAC):
Cooling air inlet temperature
Fan diameter:
Fan speed:
Air flow rate:
Number of blades:
Blade angle:
Attachment fan card (not required - max 2 MB):

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