Historic company

Emmegi S.p.A. is an Italian company active in the fluid power industry and specializes in the manufacturer of heat exchangers for  industrial machinery, mobile machinery, air compressors, combustion engines and fluid power plants.

It was established by the current ownership in 1975. Its headquarters is located in Cassano d’Adda, near Milan.

The decades of experience have developed broad know-how throughout different fields of application.

Through the support of advanced calculation programs, our technical office can design products to a high specification and matched to customer requirements.

Highly-skilled personnel can support clients and assist them throughout all stages of the design and production process.

This approach has enabled us to meet market’s new challenges. We have developed  from a home market supplier into an internationally recognised world class market leader.

Emmegi has production plants in Italy (historical and managing headquarter) and Slovakia. Sales offices are located in Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Turkey, U.S.A., Hong Kong. Additionally, we have a network of over 50 distributors.

Emmegi, a major challenge!

EMMEGI is constantly improving and updating its processes. In 1998 we attained ISO 9001/2000 quality certification.

Thanks to our diverse exposure to many markets and latest generation calculation programs, our Technical Office can design and develop high integrity  products, that meet the market’s growing needs.

EMMEGI’s high-quality standards enable successful relationships with leading  manufacturers.

Company’s quality

The managing board of Emmegi S.p.A. recognizes the increasingly competitive world market.

To stay as a market leader in this environment, it is essential to adopt an ongoing improvement in all company’s activities.

For this reason, the following corporate values represent the foundation of the working process  at Emmegi:

  • Quality System: The implementation of a total quality system demonstrates a top down approach to improvement of processes and performance. it represents the core of continued and sustainable development. Special attention is given to the concept of risk management and the risk-based thinking approach to define priorities in the process management.


  • Understanding and satisfying clients’ needs: Listening to and delivering to our customers exact requirements has been and will continue to be our key to success.
  • Staff involvement: working for Emmegi means collaborating within a team working towards a common goal, namely meeting clients’ needs. This implies full awareness from each worker, regardless of the role played. People are pivotal and irreplaceable, an integral part of our success.
  • Increasing growth and sustainable development: Emmegi plans to increase its production capacity, gain new clients and develop all potential in the organization.  Investment in latest technology and materials, fuels our constant desire to optimize production processes and eliminate error and waste.
  • Facts and data-based decisions: In pursuit of our gaol we implement process improvements based on collected data, customer experience and evidence from field application.
  • Compliance with enforceable regulations and specific attention of the topics related to work and environmental safety: at Emmegi, work safety is the most important value guiding all our choices. With the same spirit, we are committed to minimize the environmental impact of our activities, thus complying with  all relevant regulations.

Quality is the driver for good reputation and reliability. At Emmegi, we treasure everybody’s commitment in the Value Chain, in order to ensure that the Quality Policy is understood and implemented. At Emmegi, everyone has commitment, motivation and involvement to pursue and share the Quality objectives. The managing office fosters its quality policy and ensure that it is implemented at all levels of the organization.

ISO9001 Certificate Emmegi Spa