Export in the world

Reliability is a key feature both for clients and for the company. So, the company is encouraged to grow and further develop.

In the light of an increasingly international growth, in the last years, EMMEGI has developed a comprehensive distribution network.

EMMEGI has direct branches in Germany, Turkey, Sweden/Finland/Denmark, United States of America, United Kingdom and Slovakia. It has consolidated its presence on the global market.

Our products

From day one, EMMEGI has manufactured a  range standard products for air and water cooling. Development of the core design together with new surfaces for air cooling our technical expertise allows for complex and bespoke engine cooling packages to be tailored to customer requirements.

EMMEGI stands out as a reliable partner with which clients can face the design challenges of the future.

Our production

Responding to the needs of the modern world, Emmegi has streamlined its manufacturing and distribution process, with local inventory enabling immediate delivery to clients if necessary. Modern production environment and robotic assistance assures a quality product each time every time.

We adopt a clean and green process with minimal waste ensuring that our production is invisible to the environment.